Day 22 of 30, Drive in Saturday

Dear internet, I'm willing to confess that I frequently don't get out of the house for exciting reasons on the weekends.  I don't always get dressed in real clothes and stay in my sweats.  As much as I'm totally okay being overdressed for everyday life (like wearing skirts and frilly cardigans for lab work), and I usually feel about as comfortable in these clothes as I do in my pjs, I'm equally okay with running errands on the weekend in sweats.  There's a reason why I'm on outfit 22, and it's that I don't always end up in clothes on the weekend (well, and there's Thanksgiving-taking a week vacation does in fact lower my motivation to post).  Fortunately, I had the opportunity to throw on some clothes for a last minute date with the bf to a nearby drive in movie theater and snapped a couple photos in the fading light before we headed out (sorry bf, this may have contributed to why it took more time to leave that I thought it would).  It's a pretty fair drive outside of town, but very fun (and hey, we both got to see two movies for the price of a single movie ticket here in town), plus I didn't look like a weirdo when I needed to pull out the blanket (hot during the day and cold at night).  Not that I've ever pulled out a blanket in a movie theater, but now that I think of it, it sounds like a great idea.  So you guys get to see some Weekend Cupcake wear, which generally looks a lot like Weekday Cupcake wear, something comfortable enough to curl up in the backseat of a car and enjoy the most recent Harry Potter movie (and poke fun of the romantic comedy that was shown before it).
Outfit: Skirt: Loft, Shoes: Wanted via Delias, Shirts: Urban Outfitter, Express, Necklace: Gifted, Hairclip: H&M, Socks: Target

I've been a fan of the books for awhile- my aunt gave me the first one when they came out here in the US and has given me every book since then.  I used to reread all the books before the movies came out, but it turns out- the movie is much better when you haven't reread the books and I'm not thinking about it too much.  Yay!  So there you go, this one is probably the one that I've enjoyed the most out of all the ones that have come out, for what my opinions worth.  Although there were definitely some Angst Angst Angst moments.  Have any of ya'll see the new HP movie and liked/loved/hated it?  Or have any real thoughts and opinions on it?


  1. Gosh your shoes are so cute! I also love the plaid with your skirt. Cute!

  2. I think not getting dressed on the weekends is like a grad student code or something, because I totally do the same thing! It's like I overdress all week, by the end of it, all I want is my yoga pants and my ratty sweatshirt. :-)

    Did you go to the Showboat Drive-Inn? Isn't it so fun (but we totally got lost the first time we went-- it really is in the middle of nowhere!) Do the movies start earlier now that the sun sets early because I went in the summer and the start time for the double feature was like 9PM?!

  3. Yoga pants and the weekend go hand-in-hand in this grad student's book as well.

    As far as "Harry Potter" goes, I have read all of the books at one point in my life but that was years ago, so as each film comes out my familiarity with the series goes down. Although I remember not liking the 7th book too much (400 page camping trip gone awry!), the 7th film (part 1) was my favorite of the movies thus far. However, I don't know if it was because of the lack of expectations/familiarity or because it was a bit grittier and faster-moving. (How many Hogwarts scenes do you need to see to know that Gryfindor rules and Slytherin drools?)

    Your 30-for-30 is making me want to stock up on more skirts - they are super comfy but look dressier/more special and offer greater versatility than jeans, which I wear almost daily.

  4. I love your plaid shirt -- how pretty!

    I really liked this past HP movie. It seemed much more adult than the other ones, and I feel like the actors are so comfortable in their characters now that they can come up with their little quirks and nuances to them.

  5. haha im totally with you there. i almost never dress up on the weekends. it's like, for school i look super nice but every other day...nah. screw that. hahaha. i love your shoes, ugh, i need to find a pair of brown brogues for myself ):

  6. Thanks for the compliments ladies- these shoes were the result of longing for the type for about a year and then finally thinking to look online at Delias where I had a credit and luckily they fit!

    We did go to the Showboat- it was really fun and fortunately we managed to find it (although I definitely missed the turn we needed to get home the first time, whoops) Starting at 9pm? That's insane! Now that I'm in grad school and an old lady I need my sleep- fortunately they started around 7.

    Ahahah- 400 page camping trip gone awry! I might end up reading through the later books at some point in the near future in an attempt to stop myself from hitting up the Half Price books.

    As for the HP actors becoming more comfortable in their parts- I saw this recently, which is along those lines and cracked me up-