Day 21 of 30, I Do believe in fairies!

I've mentioned Average Fantastic before on this blog, and how everyone should read it, since it promotes the sort of things I wish I was articulate enough to convey and I've come to feel like there's no such thing as too much body/self-image positivity.  Well, today's post?  It approaches the concept of acceptance of self in a direction that most people aren't expecting.  It also touches on not making judgments on someone based on their appearance (and pant size), something that let's face it, most girls (and I'm sure guys too) do pretty often.  Especially when we know there's someone around to reinforce us and our judgments.  So go over and read it.  Go on!  But then you should come back after, okay?

And now for something a little more shallower.

Outfit: Cardigan: Anthropologie, Skirt: Loft, Shirt: Express, Shoes: Wanted via Delias, Belt, Scarf as necklace: Modcloth, Tights: We Love Colors, Bracelet: Friendlygesture via Etsy

I was so proud of myself for tying together the green and blues of my outfit with an accessory, and finally wearing a scarf tied as a necklace (from PS I made this found via Mission Closet).  Shortly after this I realized that I was wearing navy, black, and brown together...again.  What style "rules" do you routinely ignore?

When I wore this to work, I got compared to Tinkerbell.  Maybe I should have reconsidered the high bun (and those sparkly wings I wore all day)?


  1. Ummmm... I may just have to try this knotted scarf soon. So many wonderful blogs, so little time.

    I do get the Tinkerbell comparison, but I think you look terrific! (Despite mixing every neutral known to man kind - gahhhhh!)

    How was the 30 for 30 challenge been for you? I know you've said that it's kind of useful because you're in the process of moving/traveling a lot, but have you run into any major dilemmas with it? How about the shopping ban - do you already have a wish list ready to go for when you hit 30?

  2. I love me some mixing neutrals. So far, clothing wise, the challenge hasn't been bad at all. As much as I lust for the new, I do really like the clothing I already have. Today I wanted a non 30 shirt, but that's more of a weather thing. But in general, I dress more for myself than occasions, and haven't felt like I needed a type of item that wasn't included. On my Omg buy now list? That white sweaterdress I had eyed before is up I'm ebay for much less, and a couple other things, but it'd be good if I don't just go out and spend money all over the place to compensate for not doing that this month.

  3. i love your brown, black, and navy combo - you pull it off well!! and i love that cardigan and all those ruffles!

  4. Yay for mixing neutrals! I also get the Tinkerbell comparison...except for the lack of a dress made from a leaf (potential post-challenege purchase perhaps?)...I am learning a lot from your challange and you certainly have inspired me to try and be more creative, although I think I'd end up with my fingers tied into the scarf if I tried to knot it into a necklace, but maybe one day I'll get it! P.S. I'm wearing one of my favorite scarves even though I'm in class right now (I know, I know, bad student)!

  5. Aw, thank you for the shout-out! :) I'm really happy (and honestly a little relieved) that that post was so well-received.

    I love that color palette, by the way. I catch myself wearing black and cream a lot, but I'm working on wearing more colored tights and such. It's fun!

  6. Heather! Great to meet you!

    Ummm, best cardigan EVER. I want!!

    And I get compared to Tink when I sport the high bun, too. Just means we're cute ;)

  7. love how you've combined the blues and greens, very clever, and it looks really good, too!

    xxx Charlie
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  8. Linley- thanks! Somewhere along the way I developed a huge fondness for ruffles!

    V- I'll have to work on making myself a leaf dress (using morning dew and spiderwebs to sew it together perhaps?) and I know you're not a bad student!

    Rubybastille- I know that it can be hard to speak frankly about your own body-either the good or the bad, because really- even though it's so easy to get into a negativity fest, at least for me, I feel uncomfortable complaining since either it's something I can't control (so there's no point complaining about it) or I can influence (and I should be proactive instead of whining). I know that you work in an office environment- I don't know how much that influences your outfit choices, but I can definitely see that leading to a lot of neutrals. Would you be allowed to wear colored tights, or are you limited there?

    Monkeyface- Hi, good to know I'm in good company with the bun! I totally recommend the trade market on or ebay for finding Anthropologie clothing on the (sometimes) cheap.

    Charlie- Thanks! After this, I'm definitely going to repeat the color combo.