Sometimes I like to dress like a present

And by present, really it's just a bow belt.  Although this plaid could totally be a wrapping paper pattern- I recently learned from the bf's family that using wrapping paper with a straight line pattern (lines, plaids, repeated squares with things in them) is the greatest thing ever for not looking like a drunken monkey wrapped your present.  Most of what gets posted on here is stuff worn to school, but ya'll are getting a rare peek at a date night cupcake look.  By which I mean that I had time to change before we went out for a date instead of our usual surprise date nights.  Although surprise dates are not so much of a surprise, it's more of a we're both tired, so let's pay someone to make dinner for us.  I suppose I should have taken a detail shot, but the only really special thing about the outfit is that I got to wear less practical shoes- they're fairly comfortable for the height, but it's hard to walk at my normal pace, and it kinda throws me off when I'm trying to work at my lab bench wearing anything above a two inch height- I'm just not used to the angle.

Outfit: Dress: Target, Cardigan: Modcloth, Shoes, Liz Claibourne, Tights: We love colors, Belt: from an Anthro dress, Necklace: gift

Date night consisted of convincing the bf to drive (excellent), dinner at Carraba's (tasty Italian) mostly funded by a Christmas gift card from my brother and his fiance (thanks dudes), followed by seeing The King's Speech at the local theater that serves drinks (totally awesome except the parts where I kept spilling my wine- fortunately no clothes were harmed).  People go out to eat in Houston a lot, but it's a little less crazy to go out during the week, and last night was no exception.  We're both pretty impatient and usually hungry, making it even more frustrating to go from place to place only to be told there's an hour, hour and a half wait, so we try to do weeknight date nights.  Do you have a night you tend to favor for going out to eat/date nights?

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