Black and blue all over

Happy MLK day!  I'm working part of the day today, but hopefully all ya'll have been given some time off and were able to enjoy a three day weekend.  Officially it's a holiday here, so there's only a few people in the lab, but realistically there's the expectation of grad students that some time is put in on holidays/weekends.  

I actually wore this outfit last week, but wanted to make sure I had it up to post it for Elaine's Rule-Breaking Monday, which ya'll should totally check out, it's a great source of people defying "rules" for getting dressed, whether it is their personal rules, or things that we have grown up believing to be true (like wearing black and brown and navy together).  So if you've been thinking about doing something along those lines and want to see how an everyday girl pulls it off, check out today's post and the archives.  Since this outfit breaks two rules for me, and I felt pretty ballsy all day wearing it, I threw it back on this morning to take some quick outfit pictures before getting dressed for the day. 

Outfit: Cardigan: Urban Outfitters, Shirt: Victoria's Secret, Skirt: Target, Leggings, Express, Boots: Madden Girl via Delias, Necklace: Gift

The first rule it breaks is the black/navy combo.  I don't know if I can even really count that as rule-breaking anymore, since it's something that I do quite frequently (in fact, I'm wearing black and navy right now), and it's something that's gaining popularity (at least in the blogging world, which may not necessarily count as an appropriate sample population).  What actually felt risky to me was wearing this skirt- I like to think that I don't limit what I wear by what I do (I just wear leggings to prevent awkward scrambling around on the floor from being even more awkward), but there are some items that I tend not to wear to school, meaning they get tragically underused.  On me at least, this is very much a going-out skirt, since the silhouette makes me feel a little bootyliscious (yes, I went there).  I was unable to figure out how to take a classy back shot before my battery ran out, so you'll have to infer this from the second shot.  If you saw my last 30 for 30 post, you might remember that wearing clothes fitted in the hips makes me very self-conscious, and this skirt?  Also makes me feel pretty self-conscious (but I'm learning to embrace it with your help).  I contained the booty for school somewhat with the long cardigan, and wound up feeling kinda rocking all day.  Do you separate your clothes out with these sorts of invisible divisions?  How do you guys typically wear your evening clothes during the day?

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