It's not snowing here...

But it was snowing heavily in Connecticut when we visited over Christmas.  The bf and I went out for a brief walk when the snow first started falling (when it's still really exciting, especially if you're from Houston and haven't seen any sort of snow in about a year), and I persuaded him to take some pictures of his crazy gf who tried to take her coat off for outfit pictures.  Needless to say, there weren't really any proper outfit pictures, and I couldn't smile without looking like I was in pain.  Clearly I should have aimed for a more aloof blogger-esque expression.  But I thought, hey, I enjoy seeing the sillier side of bloggers, and I didn't want to deprive you of the opportunity to see my ridiculous cold face (well the last one is mushy rather than silly).  Or deprive you of what I look like with an obscene amount of layers.

"You want to take your coat off?  Really?  Wait, I'm going to have to take my gloves off for this?"

Outfit: What you can see- earmuffs (Ruche), scarf (vendor in Montreal), cardigan (Banana Republic), sweaterdress (Anthropologie), skirt peeking out from underneath (Lucy), socks (Target), and boots (Uggs inherited from Mom).
What you can't see- tanktop, full slip, three-quarter length shirt with cowl (yeah cowls), two pairs of tights, and an additional pair of socks.

With all of that in place, I attempt to look like a seasoned pro at this whole posing in the cold and snow thing.  And fail.  But really enjoyed doing so.

The marks in the snow that you can see there were made by me attempting to twirl.  Sadly, no pictures were gotten out of this.  Luckily, I did not fall over at any point, even though me and gravity have long had a touchy relationship.

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