Attempt at Belting and More 5/8 choices

Please excuse the ridiculous amount of pictures...I can never get everything I want into 1 picture. Anyway, there are 2 dresses-1 is royal blue, with the little detailing, and the other is black. I also still have the dress that I posted pictures about last week (I think that's when it was anyway). What do you guys think?

Aaaaannnnd here is my very first attempt at belting an open-front cardigan:

I originally had the belt up higher, but then I decided it made me look like I have a giant abdomen that I do not actually possess, so I moved it down. I'm still not sold on this look-I think it might look better on me if it was longer...


  1. What's the big blue light thing in the first few pictures??? I think I like the neckline of the first dress (deep V) better than the square neck on you, but as I told you in texts earlier, there's no clear winner (or loser) so far. The dress you posted last week makes you look teeny tiny, too. So many good choices!

    And I adore the belted cardigan look on you. Very clean, well-defined lines to match the neutral colors. A classic look. Pair it with some dark skinny jeans and boots! DO IT!!!! :-D

  2. Big blue light thing? I think what you're talking about is the jeweled detailed around the bust area on the blue dress, but I'm not sure. If you tell me where in the picture it is, I can probably figure out what it is. Also, I am continuing my search for boots at some time this week-I have 3 finals this week plus classes, but only a couple labs, so I may take a study break to go boot shopping...

  3. I can't wait to see full on pictures when you have your party (you are going to force someone to take pictures, right?) That cardigan looks fabulous belted! And now you have your boots to go with it!