Day 20 of 30, Short skirt, Long Cardigan

Two/thirds done!  Realistically, I'm closer, since I'm (still) planning to recreate outfits from over the Thanksgiving holiday, but yesterday packing and a surprise date night took over my day.  And I need to get into work for a bit today, so we'll see how well my blogging ambitions match up with a realistic schedule of getting things done.  I don't know how all ya'll daily posters find the time!  Not that I've been posting every day, but I have been taking pictures and editing them most days.  Yesterday I even had to edit pictures twice- I could have sworn I worked on them Friday night before I went to sleep, and when I woke up they were back to their unedited state!  The bf thinks that I dreamed it all, including an email I had sent to my boss (that I was concerned about since I had written it late at night when I was very sleepy) that is not appearing in my sent folder.  My vote is that my computer is out to get me, and make me think that I've gone crazy (Computer 1, Heather 0).

These might also be out to get me- when I went up to the parking deck to my normal picture area, this is what was waiting at one of the places I had used as a makeshift tripod/focus spot before.  Needless to say I will not be using that spot anymore

Yes, I wore my librarian cardigan two days in a row.  I have no shame you guys.  Blame it on the remix?  Happy weekend everyone, and fellow remixers?  We're almost done!  How are ya'll doing with it?  I'm still feeling pretty good about what I'm wearing, and that I could make quite a few more outfits out of what I had picked out and that they're still items I'm excited about wearing.  Maybe I should pare down my closet to only 30 items....


  1. my middle name is librarian cardigan. for real, i wear mine all. the. time. gotta love looking cute AND smart! ;)

  2. I'm pretty sure outside of the challenge, I wear my brown cardigan at least half of the days of the week. So, I support your repeat wear!

    The Auspicious Life

  3. Long cardigans are pretty fabulous- I'm glad that they've been in style these days.

    Now that I've gotten away with justifying to myself wearing the same item multiple times a week and posting it, I don't know if I can turn back! I'm game for supporting your repeat wear as well and promoting full time remixing among style bloggers.