Day 19 of 30, In my other life I'm a librarian

 I would totally be a librarian.  Except I would probably get fired for reading the books instead of doing work in a timely manner.  I've pretty consistently been a big reader, and I end up reading a fair amount of non-required stuff in addition to the serious grown-up texts I had to read as an English lit major in college and science articles in college/ as a grad student.  All the heavy required stuff means that I will frequently turn to young adult books or books and authors that I read before college.  I've just finished the first two books of The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, and would be reading the final book instead of posting if I had a copy of it.  I'm a sucker for dystopias, and when they're teen books?  Even better. 

I felt the need for pulling on this long gray (librarian) cardigan today, and I still hadn't picked a 30th item, so this baby is it.  I tend to not be a terribly decisive person, but cozy long cardigans are lovely for a chilly workplace, making this decision easy.


  1. I absolutely love the Hunger game trilogy. I randomly picked up the first one and finished it in record time. I started reading the second one in September and had to stop almost halfway through because my classes were being demanding. I read a couple of chapters the day after thanksgiving but had to stop again because of work. I can't wait till the end of the semester get back to it, and I've asked for the third book as a gift. Anywho, love your outfit as usual, the dress is very cute.

  2. A-dorable! As you know, I would also get fired from a library for reading instead of working...actually, that was was I always used to get in trouble for in grade school...I mean, come on, who gets pissed at a student for reading ahead? Really? Anyway, my rant is over, and I have to reiterate how much I love this outfit-it's very you! Also I'll need to check out these books...after finals I think... :)

  3. Very librarian-eqsue, indeed!!! I remember a quote of yours about reading that is probably not blog appropriate, but you were talking about an awkward situation that you would get out of by reading. Yeah, if I ever visit you, that dress is coming home with me. Have you worn it by itself--without layering on top or underneath it?

  4. Michaniya- I'm getting the third one from the library tomorrow- I'm so excited to read it!

    V- I can relate girl- I used to get in trouble for that type of stuff too, especially from my parents.

    Sarah- Wuh-oh! I wish I remembered what I had said- you'll have to message me about it sometime. You need this dress so we can be twins. I haven't worn it alone since it is chilly enough here these days to merit more than one layer.