I'm delighted that it's cold today (I got to wear tights!), but yesterday, we got that lovely humid weather my city is known for, so even though it wasn't that hot, i found myself last-minute changing into something that was lightweight and covered minimal skin for surviving my bike ride into work.

I bought this dress on sale (as I do everything from Anthropologie), thinking that it would be more useful for the next summer when I'm suffering in the steamy Texas weather.  While I'm hoping that we'll be seeing only fall-like weather from now on, it's always nice for things to be useful right away instead of being squirreled away for "someday".

I even searched out a different place for taking pictures.  Plus I took them late in the day instead of right before leaving, so I was able to avoid overexposed levels of pale and stick with my normal pale-ness.  I do enjoy having a backdrop other than my balcony, but it might be worth looking into a small tripod so that if I go out in windier areas, I don't have to worry about the camera blowing over.  Fortunately no one came out on this upper level while I was up there, even though I was a little concerned about being the weirdo taking pictures of herself in the parking garage.
In addition to the lightweight fabric, I may have persuaded myself to buy this dress because the print was compared to a Monet painting.  I have a pretty big artist crush on Monet and try to stop by the area where his paintings are in the Art Institute in Chicago every time I've gone in.
Also, the pink in the fabric gave me an excuse to pair it with the pink bow of this necklace.  When I was in middle school, my mother passed down a birdcage necklace of her mom's.  This is not that necklace.  That necklace was tragically lost while I was still in middle school, and I grew up with the taste of regret in my mouth and a desire to recapitulate the birdcage necklace when I was older and less prone to losing things.  I still like the idea of requesting that pendant from a jeweler, but for now I'm happy to wear this larger, flashier birdcage in memory of the one that I lost.  And just like the original, there's a little bird inside.
While I feel like there's something to the argument that knock-offs lack integrity and are damaging to the original design, these Target knock-off flats are way too cute and comfortable for me on a grad student's salary to pass up.
Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie, Cardigan: Express, Shoes: Target, Necklace: Modcloth

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  1. I love this outfit! Again, you pick colors that are great on you! The necklace is adorable and I totally support you one day getting one custom-made. As to the shoes, you are doing groundbreaking research that the "original designers" may rely on one day, so I think that while you're in grad school working on said research and being poor so that one day you can save the world, you're allowed to buy shoes that still leave you money to pay bills/buy groceries/not die. I am cheering for you!