Hurray for fall!

Hope ya'll had an excellent Halloweekend, with good friends, parties, and booze!  I attended a talent show put on by some of the med student kids at my school on Saturday that was just incredible, between the person hosting it, how well everything was put together technology wise, and the talent of course! Including a group that I perform in.  And the costumes?  They were many and really well-done.  My favorites were probably the Dexter/victim combo, the Wayne and Garth, and there were two Quailmen!  There were viral videos everywhere (like a double rainbow and bed intruders), which makes me wonder- when did internet things become costume ideas?  Also, there was an Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors with an Audrey Two, which enabled the bf and I to put together an H Two for his Seymour costume for tonight (pictures will be coming for that hopefully).  Since I was performing as part of a group, my outfit fit into our dress code of colorful heels, LBD, fishnets, and a Halloween headband, and unfortunately I don't have any pictures yet of that or the Halloween costume I put together for a party at my mentor's house tonight.  What were your Halloweekend plans?  Costumes?

Since I don't have anything Halloween related to give, I'll leave you with something fall-related.  When I woke up on Friday it was delightfully, wonderfully cold- I think it stayed in the 50s and 60s for the most part!  Unfortunately, it was back up in the 80s today.  That said, I was able to take advantage of the then chilly weather to pull out a sweaterdress, a scarf, and boots (Hurray boots!).

 This is how happy fall weather and being able to pull out a scarf makes me.
And this dress makes me want to twirl and dance.  Although really, this is just the result of my timer capturing some weird transition, but I like how it shows the skirt's movement.
At some point, I may be able to take pictures that don't totally wash out my face, but I'm not sure- I'm pretty pale, and it's something that shows up in photos- tonight at the Halloween party my boss had to take another picture of us due to me looking super pale apparently.  Yay sunscreen?
Outfit: Dress: Anthropologie Amarena dress, Boots: Target, Belt: H&M, Scarf: Vendor in Montreal


  1. I think this may be my favorite outfit you've posted so far. I also am a huge sucker for boots and scarves. That color of purple is so rich and to-die-for. It flows off of you like a dream! And girl, you know how I feel about that belt. (What was I thinking letting that one pass me by?)

    You are a beauty from your head to your toe. :)

  2. I love this outfit! the colors are perfect for you, and I adore those boots!