Epic Boot Quest Continued

So, I found another pair of boots on the DSW website, and they seem to be pretty awesome. They are a dressier pair, but I could wear them with jeans too I think. I've been doing doing a lot of online window shopping lately and may actually buy something today in celebrationn of my awesome feline spay surgery I did yesterday, especially since I checked the cat before she went back to the shelter today and she was doing fantastic. Anyway, here are the boots I was talking about. Oh and also here is another pair I found. Also these. Let me know what you think!


  1. Congratulations on the awesome surgery! I'm glad she's doing so well! The first ones are definitely cute, but I think the second's my favorite. But I've been on a huge flat boot kick lately- I ordered some from Delia's the other day with leftover merch credit, so I may end up being your boot twin if those don't work out and I start looking elsewhere. mwhwhah, stealin yo boots.

  2. I'm on ur blog, stealin' ur boooootzzzz...Delia's, you say? I think I shall have to check that out...