Day 9 of 30, Welcoming

Due to unexpected circumstances, this week just became more hectic- I've voluntarily taken on some extra work this week in addition to trying to fit in my own stuff before taking off for Thanksgiving.  I am hoping to continue posting on a regular basis (gotta get through this challenge, right?) but I haven't been able to spend as much time as I'd like looking at the nifty Google reader 30 for 30 remixing bundle or responding to comments (although I'm hoping to soon).  This is a long-winded unnecessary way of wanting to say hi to those of you who are new to the site, and I hope that those of you who have found us through Kendi's remixing challenge and Kim's reader photos decide to keep visiting, and I hope to get to know ya'll better.

Since I woke up knowing that today was going to be tough, I wanted to wear a cozy sweater- the cowlneck gives the feeling of wearing a scarf all day without there being any ends getting in my way when I'm moving around.  I also got ready for the day in about 15 minutes total, including showering and packing a lunch.  This means I actually didn't know what I looked like for the day until about noon when I finally found myself in front of a mirror, so I stuck with trusty neutrals and flats.  There's a reason I included an easy black skirt in the remix items.  As I was running out, I grabbed my purple flower pin to keep me from going through belt withdrawal (since belts and tucking are my style drugs of choice).

Was this the best outfit ever?  Well, the shoes don't tie in as well as I would like, but I am kinda liking the combination of the lighting/parking deck with the outfit colors.  It's not my favorite, but it got me through the day and there's something to be said about cozy cowls and leopard printed tights.  They're the kinda things that make me feel home in my clothes, even when the day is working against me.
Outfit: Skirt: Loft, Sweater: Express, Shoes: Wanted via Delia's, Tights: Target, Flower: Self-made


  1. Those tights are so cool! I love the flower pin too.

    I had a similar morning! I shut my alarm off, went back to sleep, and woke up with about 15 minutes to shower and get dressed. What I would give for a lazy morning!

  2. FLOWER PIN!!! I was telling the story of the zipper flowers - how after a giant bottle of Melbac and a few hours of crafting, you had a beautiful, colorful garden of zipper flowers and I had an opened zipper with crease lines, several needle pricks on my finger pads, and a good red wine buzz going on. I am so proud to own a similar purple flower and may have to wear it tomorrow to my test as a good luck charm.

    I took a very hasty "My Space" photo of myself before running to the library today and hope to post it soon. (I, too, had a rushed day and not the most time to put thought into my outfit. 15 minutes out the door with a packed lunch? Not possible!) I also hope to start dressing like a real person, rather than a tribal doctor, soon!

    I have a similar gray cowl neck sweater that I bought recently to bring with me on my trip to Michigan for Thanksgiving. It looks super cozy and perfect for curling up and lazing around in on a cold fall day.

    I like that skirt on you, too! Simple yet flattering. Lastly, you have a respectable collection of patterned tights. I tend to stick to more neutral colors and patterns for the most part, but I'm seeing the fun in mixing it up.

  3. I just purchased a couple cowl-neck sweaters online and am waiting for them to arrive-I'll post pictures when they get here. I love cowl-necks! I'm a little jealous of how you can have zero time in the morning and still look like you put this outfit together with lots of thought :). I have to say, your hair looks pretty awesome too...

  4. I think I may have unintentionally overstated my morning routine- I had already been up for awhile, since I ran out to the post office first thing- I just ended up with not a whole lot of time to get ready, but I didn't have to shake off just waking up. And my packed lunch was leftovers and blackberries-nothing too time intensive.
    Sarah- you keep promising me these photos and withholding! I'm hoping to see some soon. Ohhh tights- I was fine with being the only girl at the party with the crazy tights, but I feel like they've gotten more popular lately, which benefits me by expanding my Target's selection.
    V- It helps that I'm working with a limited closet, and I picked this out because it's easy to wear (and washable). As far as the hair? Thank you, but truthfully it's half luck, half illusion- it didn't get frizzy (luck), and if these pictures were in better focus, you'd be able to see it's not that orderly (illusion).