Day 10 of 30, Bangs, boots, and a bracelet

This pink scarf has been through a lot with me- hard times, good times, cold times.  It was a gift from one of the best ladies I've ever known, and this morning when I got ready, I was thinking of her.  I had ordered a bracelet via Etsy right before the shopping ban started that I had found because of this girl, so when I put it on this morning, I needed to put on the scarf too.  We also share a love of boots, bangs, and a dream of one day merging closets. 

This jacket is a familiar friend too, and since this jacket has snuck its way into pictures and I haven't really come up with replacement items, it makes sense for this to be item 29, even though jackets and coats didn't necessarily need to be included in the total.
Outfit: Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Shirt, Leggings: Express, Boots, Socks: Target, Jacket: Old Navy Outlet, Necklace, Scarf: Gift, Bracelet: Friendly gesture via Etsy


  1. You are one of the best ladies I've ever known!!!!!!! THE best! (I always introduce you in stories as "my BEST friend Heather." Yep, that's you.) Who would have known that that scarf would live such a full life since it was nabbed from its home near the Trevi Fountain in Rome, smooshed into my back pack that was full of homemade lavender soap from France, and given to that girl from the dorms who wore blue fish nets and Cookie Monster t-shirts? I think this song sufficiently captures the nature of our relationship:

    I am so pleased to see you bought the bracelet! I'm trying to do a self-imposed shopping ban (with limited success - yellow fever!), but once it is lifted I will get some matching shears in gold. It will be like senior year ALLLLLLL over again.

    Lookin' good today, Fisk. Based solely on the title of this post, you should know how I feel about the outfit. :) And there will be no outfit post from me tonight. I hope that came off as cryptic as I intended it to sound.

  2. That bracelet is the coolest! Love the pink and purple, too.

  3. oh my gosh that is the coolest bracelet I've ever seen. I want one!
    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  4. I linked up a listing to the bracelet if you'd like to seek it out- I've only worn it the once, but so far it seems like a really great piece!

    Sarah- I introduce you as my bff/heterolifemate Sarah (or that girl that I keep talking, the one that lives in Boston, not MI :) ). I love that song and it totally describes how I feel about us. And clearly I have a long history with wearing crazy tights. It will be even better than senior year (less potentially embarrassing pictures?). You are indeed very cryptic.