Day 6 of 30, Mixing it up

The mixing here refers less to the remixing, since this dress is a brand-new item (one of my replacements) that I purchased right before the start of the challenge.  It's got a fun full skirt and pockets!  My favorite feature ever in a dress.  Today I decided to go crazy and mix patterns and all the neutrals I could get my hands on.  Full disclosure- I probably would not have gotten dressed up if I the challenge wasn't going on, but I was inspired to choose from my items and do something with my hair.  I may not have thrown on clothes until late this afternoon, but I did wear this out to go to work for a few minutes and run errands.  Now that my hair has gotten longer, I've been experimenting with putting it up in a messy bun, but it wasn't until I watched Sydney's tutorial (The Daybook), that I realized that what I had been missing with my buns was ratting to get some extra volume.
 This is my worried face, since I realized while taking these photos that it's one thing to take outside public photos, but it's another thing to take them when people you know could walk past you.  After I finished up at work I scampered across the street to take some pictures of the lit-up fountain.  It's probably one of the neater things in the area by where I work, and it's pretty fun to watch when waiting for the bus to come.
Outfit: Dress: Modcloth, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Boots, Leggings: Target, Belt: Ruche, Bracelet: Vintage via Grandmother


  1. That is a fantastic dress! I love the colors in it, and I like that it is longer. (It means it might actually fit me! Muah ha ha!) Is it sleeveless? Or what does it look like alone? And that cardigan is my favorite cardigan in existence. It looks great with the dress, too - a perfect example of mixing patterns correctly.

    I realllllllly like your messy bun. I don't have the patience to grow my hair out long again, but I do miss being able to do up-dos. How long does it take you to do it this way in the morning? It looks adorable.

    Your worried face has me cracking up like crazy, too. :) And it's 10 PM and I am still in my pajamas. Weekend sickness for the win?

  2. Thanks lady! Girl, this dress would absolutely fit you! The colors make me happy too, and the length is pretty awesome (I might even shorten it at some point). I'll make sure to take a picture of it alone the next time I wear it, but in the meantime here: . It is sleeveless, which I'm okay with, since then I can layer under it and honestly sleeved things can be tricky to wear cardigans over sometimes. It was spendier than I'd have liked, but once I tried it on I couldn't resist wearing it out.

    If you rat your hair enough, you might be able to get enough volume? But yeah, being able to do stuff with my hair like this is a biiig part of the reason why I'm so hesitant to cut it these days. This was a pretty quick up-do- I can do this in a couple minutes, since I'm more of a messy bun type person. It was so cute on the girl who's tutorial I linked to that I couldn't resist trying it out myself! Feel free to wear pjs as long as you want. Being sick trumps fashion at any time. Although let's be honest, most of the stuff that I wear is as comfy as sweats, and this outfit especially.

  3. That dress is adorable on you, and the hair! You did an excellent job of mixing your patterns here (not that I'm the expert on it, I'm still learning how to mixand match things) may be inspiring me to grow my hair depends on how much work it will take to make me client-presentable in the morning...

  4. I love the pattern mixing!

    You are totally brave to take pictures in the Med Center ( I recoginized the fountain!)-- I think I totally go to your school! Yay for student remixers! :-)

  5. V- Thanks! I'm anticipating getting a lot of use out of this dress, and putting my hair up in a bun. Just today I was looking through some old pictures and missing my short hair actually- your hair is such a cute length on you.

    theputtogethergirl- Thanks! It's not quite as brave as it looks, since this was late-ish and on the weekend, so there were only a couple people who saw me and not anyone I knew. Oh man, being a student pretty much means you have to be a remixer! Not that I really mind, since I tend to form a strong attachment to my clothes. I'm excited to find out there's another med center blogger/remixer!