Day 7 of 30, Rain on my Parade

I managed to find an interesting place to take pictures- unfortunately it started raining when I got out of the car, so I really only had the chance to take a couple pictures prior to running into the car and the lighting wasn't as a good as I would have liked.  It was cold down here in Texas today, so it was lovely to be able to pull out the sweaterdress and some warm socks.  What can I say?  I was looking forward to wearing boots for so long that I just can't stop wearing them.  What's your favorite winter accessory?

Outfit: Dress, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Boots, Leggings, Socks: Target, Scarf: Urban Outfitters


  1. Favorite winter accessory: without a doubt boots. And I didn't even discover them until shortly before moving to Boston. I remember when we lived in Spartan Village I would run around in 2' of snow with FLATS on. Needless to say, those never lasted very long for me. Now I have an absurd collection of boots that I look forward to wearing.

    Scarves are a close second, and you are the one who turned me on to the wonders of scarves. I aspire to one day rival your scarf collection.

  2. Oh, and the socks with boots? So in right now.

  3. Scarves. I have jumped on the scarf bandwagon and I LOVE them. I can't wait until my flood of cardis comes in the mail so I can wear my scarves with them (because they just don't quite work with the fleece I wear now). As soon as I have time to actually go try some on, I feel that boots will become my favorite accessory-I'm seeing them everywhere and I'm SO JEALOUS. Where do you guys get yours? Also, that dress is a wonderful color on you, as is the scarf. More adorableness!

  4. Hi there! Just saw your outfit on Anthroholic and I love your style! New follower here :)

    I'd say scarves are my fave, but I pretty much wear them year round, so definitely boots. Oh, and I love how I feel in a nice winter hat.

  5. Thanks Kellie! I'm glad you decided to stop by. I'm jealous that you can wear scarves year-round, the weather here is insanely warm and humid during our extended summer.

    Sarah- I don't know why I only wore heeled boots in college, I get soooo much more mileage out of my low wedge boots these days, and might have to get some flat ones someday. These socks are lovely and warm- I was over at my brother's when he was getting his floors replaced so it was COLD, and I def rolled the socks way up to keep warm.

    V- My go to boots are Target (and have held up amazingly well, although I'm going to need to take them in for a new heel cap after the holidays), and my other ones are Steve Madden. I'm telling you- just order a bunch online from places that allow for free returns and pick the bestest ones.