Day 5 of 30, All gussied up

Short post today- I prefer taking photos in the afternoon/evening, although I still need to work on the timing.  Yesterday, I didn't have a chance to retake photos after school since the boyfriend and I played hooky during the afternoon to go to Cirque de Soleil using a Groupon.  It's pretty fabulous to pay half the price for seats and get to drink a beer during the afternoon while getting to watch some incredible feats of acrobatics and singing.

When I came into work yesterday, my coworker said that I looked dressed up.  I looked down and didn't really see anything terribly different about what I was wearing- they were all things I had worn before, but my hair was down.  I really only wore my hair down because I had rediscovered my rollers which makes my scraggly split ends less scraggled.  I realized this around the same time (1 am) I decided to cut my bangs.  I'd had them from freshmen year in college until less than a year ago (the last time I got my hair cut).  Anyways, it sounds like having something deviating from whatever your personal norm is expresses "dressed up".  What makes you feel like you're dressed up?  Or think that someone else who you know well is dressed up?
Outfit: Skirt as dress: Target, Shirt: Bitten via Steve and Barry's, Shoes: Kohl's, Belt: from other dress, Bracelet: shop in Hawaii, Necklace: Vintage via Grandmother


  1. You remind me of Tina Fey with this outfit. (It also may be the glasses and new side bangs.) And that is a compliment - I think you know exactly how much I admire and adore Miss Tina Fey.

    I love your ability to use and layer pieces in unusual ways that work. Skirt as a dress? You're owning that look, girl!

    I love the new haircut and the curled ends. Some of the girls at our school who always seem to have perfect hair days curl the ends of their long, flowing locks; I adore the look on you.

    As far as being "dressed up" is concerned, for me it ALWAYS involves heels. I used to be insecure about wearing heels because I am already unusually tall, but part of the accepting myself that I talked about yesterday is saying "screw it!" and taking a risk by throwing on some height . Dressing up also means doing new things with my make up that are bolder than the normal day-to-day. And maybe nail polish, if I have time to attend to that detail.

  2. Tina Fey is a gorgeous lady and definitely an addition to my list of style icons. I actually hated wearing this skirt as a skirt, and had hung onto it for a few years for no real reason, although I'm considering wearing it high waisted and tightly belted (now that I've learned about tucking and belting).

    I had toyed with skirts as dresses during jr year and had dressed up Erica with one of my skirts once, but it wasn't until recently that I was able to make it work with this guy. It could be that I just wasn't ready to embrace the fluffy party dress side of me yet, but now I'm considering altering this so that it fits even better as a dress.

    I'm so glad that you've gotten into wearing heels, since I feel like I owe you for how I feel about wearing heels- and ultimately, being able to accept and love myself, including my height. Make-up! I'm tempted to start wearing lipstick and mascara on a regular basis again just for funsies.

  3. I adore this! I love love LOVE your hair, and I totally second Sarah on the "Tina Fey look-a-like" comment. I really like the heels as well. I'm still struggling with being able to wear something a little cuter and not feel's partly concern over what other people think (there's an undercurrent of feeling that if you "dress up" you're a snob or must not be dedicated if you're spending times on clothes instead of studying), and partly that I spend a good portion of my time wrestling animals to the ground and often have to do that and change into scrubs in the same day, so I wear things that require the least amount of effort to transition (shoes, etc) and that I don't mind shoving to the bottom of a bag under my suture kit. I'm working on getting past using jeans as my go-to bottoms-I think it'll be easier when I get to clinics, where jeans aren't considered appropriate on most rotations...anyway, I know I've been really bad about commenting lately, but now I'm making up for it, right? RIGHT?!

  4. P.S. Dude I think you've been in the South for too long if you're using terms like "all gussied up". I'm just saying.

  5. I definitely get what you're saying about dressing differently in the student/academic environment. Well, we were talking about the hypothetical jeans betting pool earlier this week, but realistically, I don't think I've ever really received any negative attention at work- I'm not running out to tell my PI about this blog, but that's more because you don't really talk up anything that takes time away from research :) Wrestling animals is a reasonable reason for choosing your clothes for the day, and while my stuff can get messy and unpredictable, I can usually be fairly careful and not ruin stuff or stain it (I'm more likely to damage my clothes from something everyday like forgetting to check the lid on the bottle of juice before I shake it up).

    And I have always been a proponent of using "all gussied up." Even before I moved to the South!