Day 4 of 30, or what I've learned from Kendi Everyday

Today's outfit comes to you by way of inspiration (i.e. copying) of this faux-thropologie outfit of our fearless leader Kendi herself.  I lust after the dress she was originally shooting for, but I think things like this are great examples of the fact that while fancy Anthropologie clothing is lovely (when it goes on sale), it shouldn't be forgotten that a lot of the really wonderful things about their clothes, like silhouettes and color combination, can be achieved in a more affordable way.  Or you can put everything on your wish list and wait until things go on sale.  I like both options.  In this case, I think I might like the faux version better.  The other thing I've learned from Kendi Everyday is that it usually looks better if you tuck your shirt in.  Learning that may be single-handedly responsible for classing up my look.

As you can see in this last picture, I do actually tie my shoes.  Also, the socks are very unintentional- turns out wearing these shoes for the first time without socks and heel lifts was a terrible, terrible idea and I wound up throwing on socks and inserting paper towels to avoid further blistering (there's an area on the back of my foots that's sensitive to shoes, but I frequently don't figure out which shoes do this until I've A) fallen in love with the shoes and B) worn them outside and can't return them).

What's that?  These shoes weren't in the original pick of 30?  Weeeeelll, the shoes were part of the plan- they had been ordered with the idea of wearing them during this.  And the clothes were things that I realized I had chosen for not necessarily the right reason (this is what happens when you try to pick things out on an abnormally cold afternoon without having seriously considered it prior to that afternoon).  I haven't decided quite yet what else I'm putting in, but the sweater and shirt were cold-driven choices, a temporary madness, and they won't be the most useful on days of 70s and 80s.  The dress I love as a special occasion dress, so I've had it mentally picked out for Thanksgiving dinner.  I'm trying to minimize the wear I put into it, so it's not really in the spirit of a remixing challenge, and it'll force me to be more creative for that day.

So here we go- 30 for 30 edits:

I'll post replacement clothes when I manage to figure that out (hopefully at some point in less than 26 days from now).
Outfit: Shirt, Necklace: Urban Outfitters, Skirt, shoes: Target, Shoes: Wanted, Belt: Ancient


  1. I love your faux Anthro outfit. It's very fetching and the colors are amazing. Anthro is nice, but faux versions are way more creative! Good luck on the 30 for 30, I'm cheering from the sidelines! =)

  2. This outfit is fantastic!!!! I, too, like it better than the Anthro original. It's a great silhouette on you (tucking + belting = best thing to ever happen to fashion), and I love outfits that are a delicate balance of feminine and masculine. This walks that tight rope so expertly they took away the safety net.

    And I think you made a wonderful decision on trading out the flats for more fall-appropriate shoes. I also may be saying this because I've been wearing cognac leather boots and saddle shoes EVERRRRRRRRRY DAY lately (except when I'm wearing sexy pumps from UO.... or moccasins with scrubs. Ha!). I'm so jealous of those boots - so so timeless and sexy.

    I solemnly swear that the next time I wear my saddle shoes, I will post the outfit.

  3. P.S. My two favorite accessories to this outfit? The argyle socks and the side ponytail!!! You NAILED IT!

  4. Stylepint- Thanks for the good wishes! I recommend it as a way of thinking carefully about what's in your closet and how you wear it. As far as faux-Anthro, I think it's also nice to use their clothes as inspiration when there are elements you like, but the clothes themselves don't fit well, since I know people are frequently sized out on either end of the spectrum or alterations are necessary.

    Sarah- Tucking and belting are indeed the best things to ever happen to me. And you have such a way with words! I love it. The great boot capade is still ongoing, so I won't be wearing the cognac boots for a little longer yet, but they will be mine, and I already long to pair them with every single outfit. I'm looking forward to you posting soon. Oh those socks- I'll be sure to wear my navy argyles intentionally the next time I wear the oxfords with navy :)

  5. I love this! I think my favorite part is the skirt...and the belt...

  6. OMG I just took another look at those shoes. I love them too.

  7. This skirt has served me ridiculously well, considering it was a Target buy on sale years ago, and I'm still wearing it all the time (plus knowing that I have it means I can repress the urge to buy another navy skirt). It's starting to get beat-up, since the bottom layer has some fragile details, but I'm hoping to give it TLC over the holiday. And I'm super excited to finally have a pair of oxfords.