About me

Originally from the Chicago area, I found my way to Houston to attend grad school.  After periodically flirting with a jeans-free lifestyle on and off in college and then making it through my first summer here in the grad student uniform of jeans and shirts (and being miserable in them), I decided to re-embrace a more personal uniform of skirts and dresses (and things that are frequently some combination of ridiculous and pretty) and haven't looked back.

This blog takes its name from a random conversation between a close friend (V!) and I discussing items of clothing that make you feel like you're dressed as a cupcake.  Since I frequently wear items of clothing that include ruffles, full skirts, and other things that fall into this category, my friend suggested that I should give seminars on "Embracing Your Inner Cupcake."  Since that's not terribly realistic (and I'm not a great public speaker), I was instead persuaded to take up this whole blogging thing in an effort to use daily outfits to express wearing things that make you happy and the most you when wearing them.

I want to get to know you!  Have questions, comments, random awesome stories?  Email me at heather.innercupcake@gmail.com

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