Product review: eShakti dress

Outfit: Dress: c/o eShakti/ Belt: Target/ Shoes: Target/ Necklace: Jess LC/ Bracelet: Self-made/

The first time I wore this dress I got a compliment saying that it looked like it was made for me, and the truth is- it kinda was.  I was contacted by eShakti to do a product review of one of their items and gleefully chose this dress that I had been eyeing.  To be honest, I haven't bought anything from their website before, but I had definitely window-shopped there, and I was intrigued by their policy of customization (both in size and style for $7.50 extra).  I was a bit hesitant to take on a product review, since I was wary of putting myself in a position where I might compromise my opinions, so I'm going to be up front with you here- this dress was provided for the purpose of a doing a product review, and all opinions here are my own.

Now to the details- Since the dress was being purchased online, I wanted to choose something in a fabric that I knew I would like (100% cotton, and no complaints here) and went with a color and style that I knew would be used in my everyday closet.  Since I've worn this dress about once a week, which is pretty much the highest endorsement I can give a clothing item, I feel pretty confident saying that this is something I quite like and has pretty much the best strap staying power of any of the dresses I own (and even went through the was well).  I often use stretchy fabrics and elastic waistbands to my advantage when choosing clothing, since I find it provides a better look than too loose/tight clothing (and I'm not yet skilled enough with a sewing machine to tailor all my clothes), so it was definitely a change to wear something that A) has a zipper and B) was made to spec based off of my measurements.  I'm really pleased with the workmanship (invisible zipper! totally lined! interesting pleat detailing on the top!) and felt like it translated really well from the website (exact dress can be found here and what I think is the same dress in other colors here).  The only difference I think my dress has is that the waist hits a little higher than I would have expected considering my height and measurements were provided.  While I'm currently trying to minimize my spending on clothing (since my budget has shifted dramatically over the past few months to compensate for dance classes), once I'm able to set aside enough for it I will probably buy something else from their site (aaand it might be this dress).

Disclosure: Dress was provided by eShakti in exchange for honest product review

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