Committed to sparkle motion

Oufit: Sequins: Express/ Skirt: Target/ Jacket: Banana Republic/ Shoes: Target/ Belt: Target/ Earring: Handmade/

I used to be a minimal sequins kind of gal, but fell deeply in like with this shirt over the summer.  The theme for my sister in law's bachelorette party was sequins, so I made the rare decision to buy something specifically for a purpose (which I haven't done since being invited to my first wedding as an adult where I found myself scrambling frantically around the Galleria (mall) to find something that was appropriate and fit well- I'm pretty sure that experience was traumatizing enough to explain why I now have too many dresses for all occasions hanging in my closet).  This shirt is not the sequins that I wore to that party- it was the back-up sequins that I bought along with an insanely fabulous dress that I wasn't sure I had the courage to wear (turns out I did), but I couldn't manage to return the back-up as planned.  Now I'm bound my the rules of my closet to manufacture occasions to wear sequins.  Like Wednesday.  Wednesday can be a holiday now, right?

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