Hearts all a-flutter

Outfit: Dress from Asos/ Shoes from Lulu's/ Necklace from Ruche/  1st picture taken by good friend/co-worker

It was with great glee that I met up with some of my friend/labmates for drinks at the bar in a nearby university (I'm kinda jealous, and wish my school had a bar/ fun gathering place).  In addition to cheap drinks and good company, I also got to see one of my labmate's baby (and consequently practice my picture-taking skills on a subject that can't complain).  In exchange (and because she had just bought the same camera I have), she snapped some pictures of what I was wearing.  Naturally, my favorite one is the one where I'm cracking up.  I feel like it's characteristic of me- cheerfully awkward.  Also awkward?  Yeah...in the place where I stopped off to get some of the details of the dress (because it looked like no one else was over there), I wound up sort of in the way of someone's bridal portraits.

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