Wait, you're not supposed to take pictures in bright sunlight?

I had so much excitement about this outfit that I had to take pictures, even though it's not ideal to take pictures in bright sunlight.  What was I so flipping excited about?  New dress and new low wedge heel boots.  The boots arrived midway through the 30 for 30 challenge, and had I known that I would basically never want to wear my high heels, I would have totally reserved a spot for these guys.  Since we've been exeriencing the winter that Houston has to throw at us, and I've been biking in everyday I've basically been living in boots.  This has meant alternating between these and my brown boots for the most part, since my gray boots took a beating during the challenge and need to be resoled.  Unfortunately, these are terrible pictures to show off this dress, but lemme tell ya, it's navy, got a lace skirt, and it's both flattering and comfy.  It'd be great if it was a little bit longer, but at least I got it in the winter so that I can pair it with all the thick tights and leggings I want.

Outfit: Dress: Ruche, Cardigan: Anthropologie, Boots: Madden Girl via Delias, Coat: Old Navy, Scarf: H & M, Leggings: Target

As you can see by the cardigan, while I'm enjoying wearing clothes other than the 30x30, I still find myself going back to these pieces.  Yay closet!  The bf is out of town tonight, leaving me the apartment to myself which probably means it's time for some bad tv and an increased number of spontaneous dance parties.  Also a possible trip to see if there are any good sales items at Anthro and then picking up dinner on the way home- I love cooking, but sometimes it's nice to not do it.  Annnnd maybe getting around to a 30 for 30 wrap up.  You guys got any wild Thursday night plans?

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