Bag-lady prep

The day I wore this, was day 2 of gloomy damp weather, I wasn't able to ride my bicycle (it needs a new tire and tube to be rideable), and I was feeling a little bit under the weather.  Not actually sick, but that feeling of heaviness in your chest that signals you could easily get sick, so it's time to start pounding back the orange juice and drinking multiple cups of tea.  To get around this I threw on one of my favorite color combinations (grey/navy/maroon) and enough layers on top to make me feel like I was wearing sweats and look like a bag-lady, including a scarf that I wore for the majority of the day.  I resisted wearing actual sweats on the bottom and instead took out one of my more structured skirts.  The skirt and the rolled cuffs contributed the prep part of day's outfit.  All in all, looking at the pictures, I liked it more than I expected to for something thrown on to muster the energy to get on with my day
Outfit: Skirt: Old Navy, Shirts: Express, Banana Republic, Card: Victoria's Secret, Boots: Target, Tights: Anthropologie, Belt: Ruche


  1. Alright, I suck for not commenting on the last post too, but it goes without saying that I love you in lace! Also, I don't think that you look at all like a bag lady in this, although the choice to wear the skirt instead of sweats was probably a wise one. :P Gray, maroon, and navy are all excellent colors on you. Also, I was at the grocery store and saw high boots EVERYWHERE today. It's like they're taunting me or something: "Nyah nyah, we know you won't have the time anytime soon to actually try on a pair, let alone to find the perfect boots, and we're all over..." Grrrr!

  2. Your preppy layers make me so happy, Fisk! And that structured skirt is lovely. You're right that you can dress comfortably without having to slum in sweats or ill-fitting layers. I need to take a page out of your book on those days when I'm just not feeling it.

    P.S. I'm watching "30 Rock" and it's making me a happppppppy woman!