Twist and turn

I'm wearing this dress as skirt, since it's from Urban Outfitters, which means it's a bit short as a dress on me.  Fortunately, pushing it down doesn't take away from the delightful flow of the fabric and style. As illustrated by the action shot below.  This was taken before I realized that the sound I was hearing was coming from a neighbor's balcony across from mine.   All of the shots taken after that?  I couldn't not look over at my neighbor to make sure he wasn't looking at his crazy neighbor who was twirling around on her balcony.
Five minutes after I went inside, I realized that the mysterious neighbor is actually one of my friends, so I guess I'll find out tomorrow if he saw me.
One of the unexpected benefits of this side project is that I get to have fun playing around with the effects on the pictures.  Pretty soon I'm going to be throwing black and white cheesecake shots at you guys.  Well, probably not, but instead here's some close-up shots of the details that drew me to these clothes.

The cardigan's neckline and clasp detail:
And the pattern on the skirt combined with the way the fabric moves?  These are the things that make getting dressed fun for me in the morning.
These are shoes that I will wear until they fall apart and off my feet.  Good shoes can make a long day better.


  1. Cute, cute, and cute! I love the pattern on the skirt, and the deep tones on the shirt and cardigan are perfect for your complexion. Will you be my fashion Yoda?

  2. Fashion Yoda, you look beautiful. I probably would have just bypassed that dress while on the UO website (which I am constantly) because of the length issue as well, but it looks perfect on you and as a skirt! And that cardigan? You know my feelings on navy blue cardigans. The details on that one make it hotter than my high school's homecoming queen! This blog and your outfit make me so happy in pants.