I think I have a shopping problem

You guys, I really really want this coat:
and/or this one:
I'm forcing myself to wait, thanks to my new rule: I must handle the previous purchase before I make a new one, whether that entails picking it up, trying it on, or returning it. I came back to my apartment yesterday to see that UPS had tried to deliver my latest order while I was busy taking an eye out of a cadaver dog. Since I wasn't home at the time, I now get to go collect my large Victoria's Secret purchase from the apartment complex manager's office. Lovely. I'm pretty sure they put it in nondescript packaging, but I'm not sure seeing as how my stuff from Kohl's was clearly labeled with the store name. Oh well. Maybe there will be a hot guy working instead of some random middle-aged woman as I collect my lingerie order this afternoon...


  1. I loooove those coats, but I yearn for the day by day coat in marigold. I caught literal yellow fever from Sarah at some point and now want it for outerwear, accessories, dresses...darn you Fisk!

  2. Ha ha - literal yellow fever! I've got it, too. And now whiskey leather fever. Mmmmmmm... yellow. I'm pretty obsessed with the yellow coat, too.

    The VS packaging is usually a white plastic pouch with the company's name in the upper left hand corner. Don't be ashamed to pick up your Vicki's, Vicki. Pick it up with pride. And your online shopping system sounds pretty reasonable. I'm STILL waiting for clothes I ordered 3+ weeks ago because they were lost in the mail. I'm getting antsy!

    I was "that girl" doing self portraits after coming home from "Cabaret." I think I'll post them tonight. That show was so bomb, AND it was preceded by wine and cheese. Tonight was perfect!

  3. You were totally right, Sarah-it was a white plastic bag/pouch with "VS" on one corner-not bad. Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to re-emphasize the importance of cute bras that fit well, make your rack look awesome, and make you feel fabulous!I'm a little leery of buying yellow online-nothing against the color, it's just one of those that can go either way with my complexion so I like to see it in person first. I may be catching whiskey leather fever from you, Sarah...