Things that are currently in that I'm a big fan of: layering

To be fair, I'm not sure if layering has ever not been okay.  But I now consider myself a fan of layering strapless dresses over shirts.  It was recently brought to my attention (by Sarah) that this is not something that everyone is aware of.  I can't recall what inspired me to do this (mostly likely bloggers on the internet), but I've been using this to make my strapless dresses wearable on an everyday level- I don't really have enough faith in strapless bras to wear one all day, but i've accumulated some cute strapless dresses, and I would like to wear them all day and be comfortable too.  To be fair, I realize this isn't quite a dress on me, but I can wear it with some opaque leggings or an additional skirt underneath.

One possible solution?  Keep the strapless area (ie, the exposed normal bra) covered up with a cardigan or a blazer at all times.  Unfortunately, this is not great during the hot summer months we get here, nor will it show off the dress properly.
This kind of layering is great, but layering something underneath?  You don't have to wear your cardi all day, and you get to show off your clothes!
And you know, whatever sweet jewelry you might be wearing at the time.
It's a mouse necklace!  That is also a watch!  And shiny!
P.S. Ya'll I went to Anthropologie this evening, since I was in the area picking up more green tulle.  It was kinda magical, especially since there were cupcakes and champagne there!  I later found it that those were part of a special event, so I probably shouldn't expect to see those as a regular thing.  Aside from the glee the physical store inspires in me, I've fallen increasingly in love with their merchandise, although I've mostly stalked items online and taken advantage of their return policy.  I found a couple of unexpected sale items that were sold out online, I also picked up these two items.
I'm pretty sold on the dress, but I'm not as sure about the cape/coat item.  Thoughts?


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that cape on you!!! Even better than on the mannequin. You look fly. And I'm digging the layered look. You are one classy woman. Keep posting!

  2. Ditto-of course I adore the dress. and I think the cape/coat has a nifty pattern and is just the right length on you. Also, I love your layering! The dress is super cute and you're showing it off perfectly-I really like the kind of diamond/V-neck effect you have going on, it's perfect for you. Mouse watch!

  3. Oh also I'm in love with the shoes and jacket in the first picture-they look awesome on you and I am horribly jealous!

  4. I agree about the diamond effect - I'm trying to figure out if I can do that with anything in my wardrobe.

  5. I think the diamond effect ya'll are talking about is a gentle cowl on a Grecian influenced shirt- whenever I see this shirt in my closet, I realize that I don't really need any other black shirts (which is to say that I likes it a lot!)

    I'm going to talk about the shoes later to highlight even further why I love them, and I'm a big fan of the jacket as well- It's made of a sweatshirt material, so it's really comfy, and while it's a little short on me, this isn't as problematic as it might be if I wore jeans. Also, as a tall lady, I've come to accept that sometimes things hit me on a different place than the designer might have intended.


  7. Thanks! It's a little more dramatic than what I usually go for, but I decided to keep it, although I probably won't be able to wear it for another month or so when I go up North for the holidays.