Stripes and neutrals

This outfit was oriented around me wanting it to be fall outside- hence the booties and a short-sleeved sweater.  I was talking with a co-worker about seasonal wardrobes, and she mentioned putting away summer stuff.  Well, I don't really feel a need for clear seasonal distinctions among most of my clothes, at least as far as summer stuff goes.  I'm delighted to continue pulling out the tanks and short sleeved shirts to go with my cardigan collection, and with where I live, there's no real need to stop wearing even some of my super lightweight stuff in the winter, so long as I pair it with tights and a scarf.  However, there are some things that won't be worn in the summer, like this shirt made out of a thicker knit and my small but proud collection of sweaters.  I know that it's been unseasonably warm even up north lately.  Are you guys clutching onto the last days of summer weather or gleefully trying to bring fall into your life the way that I've been trying to?

And what's that beauty next to me in all these pictures? 
 It's my method of transportation for the daily commute these days.  I had been taking the bus in during the week and snagging a friend's parking pass to drive in on the weekends.  While I miss having the downtime the bus commute brought me to either read or talk on the phone to my dad (yes, I'm one of those annoying people who would talk on their cell on the bus), those are the only downsides to riding in my bike.  I love have the flexibility of leaving whenever I like, and realistically, from where I live, it is probably quicker to bike than bus, and about the same time as driving when you factor in the time it takes to park in the garage attached to my school.  This was very helpful yesterday when I overslept and needed to be at school in a half hour.  Aside from the monetary benefits- it's $12/day to park in the garage and $1.20 for the bus- it's really great to spend that time out in the sun and the fresh air.  I used to be a small biking enthusiast, and would go for ~15 mile rides with my dad, so it's been nice to get back on the bike.

This bike was purchased by my dad for my mom about thirty years ago when they were first married.  She tried it a couple of times, and decided she hated it, mostly I think because she was hoping it would go by itself instead of needing to be peddled.  When my aunt agreed with her, this poor bike was relegated to the garage for the next 25 years.  When I decided that I really enjoyed biking after using it for transportation in college, I tried this guy out while I was at home and loved it.  This style of bike is really great for trail riding and going fast pretty easily.  I wasn't totally sure about the safety of riding a bike in this city, and was pretty shaky about using something with really thin wheels as opposed to a mountain bike that gives a little more stability in going over large rocks.  I seriously considered buying a second bike just for going to and from school, but after a week or so of daily riding without any wipe outs, I'm taking that option off the table.  I wouldn't have wanted to get rid of this bike, and it really doesn't make sense for me to have two bikes at this point.  Aside from my very first commute, where I wiped out trying to get from the street to the sidewalk (and misjudged just how steep the drop to the street was), I've grown more comfortable with going over gravel and the occasional rock.  I've got my helmet to protect my most valuable asset (brain traumas suck), gloves to protect my hands in case of wipe out (road rash is also not fun), lights for travel after dark, and a low traffic route.  The last thing I want to fill out my bike gear wish list?  A bike basket!


  1. I love how you're tricking out your bike ensemble. Also, kudos to you on being healthy/environmentally aware and sticking to riding your bike-way to go! I personally am avoiding the whole summer's-almost-over thing by continuing to wear my T-shirts with something heavier over them. Occasionally I'll bring out a real sweater, but I usually have something under it even then because our lecture hall can alternate between "Hey it's 90 degrees but we've already turned off the air conditioning for the year" and "Oh, you mean we should turn the heat on when it's 40 degrees in the morning? NO WAY". I'm working on building a wardrobe with actual style to it so that I can look less like a pathetic student and more like a professional that you would trust your animal to when I get to clinics, but I also don't have strict seasonal divisions (except for sweaters). It's also important to me to have outifts that are easy to put together, versatile, and made of fabrics that I can clean easily (because, you know, animals don't aim very well, especially when they're sick). I don't want much from my wardrobe, do I? Also I LOVE that outfit-are those the fairytale elven booties that I spy? That top looks pretty darn French as well (and of course I must say that in what is probably the least French way possible). Since tomorrow is Saturday, I'm going to try to put together an actual outfit-we'll see how this goes...if it works I will post a picture of it...

  2. VIcki's right - you do look Parisian, Mademoiselle.

    It has not been warm here at all: there has been frost in the morning, and I've cracked out my heaviest winter jackets. Sad face. The only redeeming factor is I can finally wear my boots and they're not being destroyed by the snow at the present time.

    I can't imagine dressing for Houston weather; I think I would be missing out on some of my favorite styles and fabrics. I also can't imagine biking into work on a 90 degree day; I did it in undergrad and was the sweatiest creature known to mankind. You are my tropi-cool hero, Fisk!