Going to the Auto Shop

(Without the coat)

(With the coat, which is of a sweatshirt-like material-cute, but can't put much underneath or it gets all bulgy and weird-looking.)

(Slightly blurry face)

So today was one of those days that I feel would be perfect for tall boots and skinny jeans-rainy, slightly chilly, etc, etc. However, since I have yet to find tall boots that fit my wide calves and am afraid of shopping for skinny jeans due to my inherited Dutch thunder-thighs, this is what I came up with to take my car into the shop so that it will once again blow warm air in the freezing cold mornings...


  1. I'm breaking my fast to say I adore that sweatshirt! It reminds me a bit of Heather's cape. Both look really great on both of you.

    I can't stress enough that you need to convert to the boots side. I know it's possible to buy boots that fit wider calves - just search on DSW.com for some of those styles. And although skinny jeans or leggings are pretty standard as far as pairing is concerned, there are other ways to wear tall boots. Knee-length (or a bit shorter) skirts with tights or sweater dresses are a personal favorite.

    My recommendation, in general, would be if there's a style that you like but don't think you can pull off, try it anyway. Try it in various combinations, not just once. It seems like when I take a risk, those are the days I get the most compliments. Some styles simply won't work for you (me + rompers = camel toe and love handle city; believe me, I've tried to make it work), but sometimes by being a bit adventurous you'll open up an entirely new world. (That's how I came to love skinny jeans! I was always afraid I'd look like an ice cream cone in them, but paired with the right boots or shoes, they can be very glam.)

    Keep these posts coming! I probably won't have any until this exam block is over - my goal this weekend is to wear nothing that has a clasp or button and not a single elastic band - but I love seeing what you guys are trying. It inspires me!

  2. Hmm, I've looked online at DSW, but every time they say "fits wider calves" the actual circumference measurement isn't much different from that for the normal boots, and usually isn't what I need (I found a tape measure in my mini sewing kit-yes, I have one, for patching up holes in things I really love-and I've been using it to get an idea of what I need in terms of fit). I think I'm going to have to go into the store and actually try them on. This is probably going to have to wait until after my theriogenology exam on Wednesday-I have surgery lab in the afternoon so it probably won't be until Thursday or Friday afternoon at the earliest, but I will make an effort! I really like this look and I'm going to take your advice-even if I can't pull off the skinny jeans with the boots, I can always add a dress, especially when I come to visit you!