Green dress run!

I mentioned in the previous post that I was participating in a 2 mile fun run sponsored by a local bar for the program Girls on the Run.  So in the midst of a bustling shopping center we donned our tutus and sequins.
There was some great people watching at the event and it was really fun to see what other people had come up with.  There were plenty of other tutus and sequins (which I should have figured out from the fact that the craft store had run out of light green tulle), and we got some great comments on ours.   Every time someone would say something, my bf (the adorable guy standing next to me, would proudly tell them that ours were homemade by me.

As you can see, prior to the race, there were plenty of dresses, all green, and of all different types.

The flapper inspired sequined dress and boa was one of my favorites, and there was a girl in a matching outfit running with him.   I think the guys with wings marketed themselves as tooth fairies and had brought wands.  The girls in the photo above were also among my favorite dresses.
Here we are at the end of the race and the second beer stop (there were two, as well as drinks before and after the race).  As the emcee said, "It's not how fast you's how much fun you have along the way."  We ran the entirety of the race, which I know for a lot of people isn't huge, but for me it was a pretty big deal, and with being unused to running in the midday sun/heat, I wasn't sure if I'd be able to make it.  I don't think I've ran any distance in a public event since middle school track, whereas the bf used to be a pretty big long distance runner.  Needless to say, we ran at my pace, which was occasionally about as fast as I walk (I like to walk fast), and he was a great run partner.  I'm sure we'll be doing more of this bar's running events in the future, hopefully with more ludicrous outfits.

After the afterparty, we made our way to one of the city parks to take advantage of the great weather we've been having lately.  There were ducks!  It's one of the really green and nice areas in the city, so it was great to spend some time there.  We had hoped to also walk through the Fragrant garden bit, but they had blocked it off for a wedding.  When we walked back past it again there was a string trio playing "Don't Stop Believing."  Who doesn't want to class up a bit of Journey for special occasions?
Neither of us get spend as much time as we would like outside, which is partially due to the oppressive heat and humidity during the summer.  The rest just comes with being a grad student.

Now that the run is over and something to reflect proudly back on, the only thing left is to figure out what to do with the tutus.  Any suggestions?


  1. Wear those tutus anywhere and everywhere you can! They're fantastic! Also you should bring your matching frog along-best accessory ever. I'm so proud of you for doing the race, and I'm so glad you had fun doing it. Also, even though your tutus were my favorite, guys with wings dressed up as tooth fairies is pretty freaking hilarious.

  2. Oh and also, what do you think of these? (I must inject a little shallow into this post after all.)

  3. Oh and also this pair:

  4. Ok so I'm just going to put the rest of them in one post-I keep thinking I'm done shopping online, but I'm still in class, so...

    My goal with these shoes is to find something cute and professional that is also practical for clinics (being on my feet all day/running after animals/meeting with clients). Hopefully I'll actually get out to try a few pairs on...maybe this weekend, because I certainly won't have time during the week...

  5. I swear I totally posted a comment on this, but I guess it didn't come through. They're all cute my favorites are the second third ones (the two tone gray/black wedges and the tweeds). Mmm, tweeed.

  6. Since we're talking about shoes... my favorites are the tweed ones (I <3 tweed!) and the Chinese Laundry wedges. Finding clinic-appropriate shoes is a pain in the butt. Everything this season is peep-toed. And my personal rule is that if the shoes aren't killing your feet, they're not cute enough. Ha ha.

    I'm buying these tomorrow with my coupon from DSW (in beige):

    And I want these to go with my scrubs because I think you can wear them without socks and they're effing adorable (but aren't in my size):

  7. Oh, and Heather has already heard me objectify the shit out of the hot tooth fairy's body. Dammmmnnnnn!

  8. Pssssttttt... Make me an administrator or whatever so I can make blog entries!

    This is for my favorite nerds ever:

  9. And this is for me, if it's still available when my self-imposed online shopping ban is over:

  10. Oooh, I love your taste Sarah-those are all adorable! Also, I totally keep coming across shoes that I'm all "Oh those are cute! And perfect for clinics! Oh, wait, they're peep-toes...fuck..." I'm glad that you are also objectifying hot male tooth fairy-I feel less creepy now. Ooooh! Here are the coats I've been looking at on

    This one I'm not as crazy about as the others, but it's still cute:

  11. I LOVE each and every coat you posted! I think my favorite is the one you're not quite as crazy about, but they're all classy and beautiful. Are you going to get one?

    This blog is effing amazing. I'm glad you girls put it together and invited me to join. AND now Heather made me an administrator so you will have to tolerate my annoying links and opinions.

    I think I might start being "that girl" who takes 400 self portraits before leaving the house, too. (Not mocking YOU, Heather - mocking the Korean Snooki at my school.) Not every day, but on special occasions or days I'm feeling fly. Thanks for giving us so many awesome posts, Fisk!

  12. Vicki, those coats are so sweet- I want to objectify the yellow one (or take it out back and get it pregnant)

    Sarah- I'm glad you're not mocking me, but I gotta say, I do feel a little weird being the girl who's taking photos of herself before leaving the house. I don't really like the way I look in photos, so it's been kind of a different thing for me to do (in a good way I think), and I'm hoping to become more comfortable with being in photos.

    I'm looking forward to you putting stuff on here :) Both of you! And every day should be a special occasion! Or at least a good day to having fun picking out clothes from your closet. I mean, not all days, but most days. Thanks you guys for being my audience of two :)

    You have a Korean Snooki? Awesome!