Beauty is painful

Outfit: Dress, belt from Target/ Shoes from Urban Outfitters/ Bracelet from Hawaii airport/ Bag from Ruche

This is definitely one of those dresses where I feel infinitely more awesome in it than I feel like it photographs, I think in part because it's a different silhouette for me and makes me feel slightly more like a grown-up (even though in real life it is also still terribly wrinkled).  But let's talk about something that hopefully distracted people from my wrinkles instead!  A couple times a year I get hit by the impulse to make my hair look intentionally pretty (what I now mentally think of as Monk's style) and pull out the curling iron.  And then I burnt myself on the chin (fortunately the bottom) typical Heather style (I'm known for injuring myself in creative and unusual ways and my boss jokes about Heather-proofing parts of the lab).  I was complaining relating the story to a friend who replied "Did your hair turn out? If so, worth it!"  I still feel like a bit of an idiot, but at least it's not a super obvious mark, and I have photographic evidence :)

I'm not going to lie, I am really glad that today's Friday, more so than usual- I know everyone's busy, but I find it really hard to reset sometimes when I have to been in lab every day for a couple weeks straight (which happens all too often to grad students), and after completing a time/labor-intensive first stage of an experiment, I'm (at least in theory) planning to spend most of tomorrow not at work, so that A) my Dad doesn't tell me I shouldn't be staying in lab until 10:30 multiple weekend nights and B) I get to spend some time with the boy before he takes off for a week and a half of traveling.  Instead of being good grad student Heather, I'm hoping to be the Heather that manages to do laundry and clean the bathroom and maybe fits in some time at the sewing machine- I'm half done with a dress reconstruction that I've been thinking about for at least a year, and I'm super excited to finally be doing something about it!

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