Day 30 of 30, The end is here

 What's this?  A new item on the last day? Well yes.  I haven't seen this dress get as much internet love as a lot of the other recent Tucker for Target release, but it was my standout favorite, albeit more than I thought it should cost.  Even though it only got one wear in 30 days, I still adore it and feel like I can figure out how to remix this dress (even within the 30 for 30 constraints).  What got in the way of wearing this more often is that I will almost always choose the more comfortable option when picking clothes to wear, especially for a school day.  I haven't really had a lot of dressy special occasions (that didn't involve lots of eating like Thanksgiving) over the past couple months, so this got shoved to the back of the closet.  (Hey bf, maybe we should go out on more dress-up dates, purely for the sake of showing off non-school wardrobe?)  I can admit that the silhouette of this dress is one that I'm less comfortable with, since I generally go for fitted in the waist versus fitted in the hips.  And the holidays (with holiday foods) and traveling didn't really help out regarding fit.  That said, there are still many things I adore about this dress- the wild pattern! the color scheme! use of velvet! and it has pockets!  Even though they're sweatshirt-y style pockets, which feels a bit odd on a dress.

Outfit: Dress: Tucker for Target, Shirt: Express, Boots: Steve Madden Intyce, Tights: We Love colors, Bracelet: Vintage via Grandmother

This one  may not have been the most flattering one of the bunch, but I had to show you my 30 (and my happy face).  I'd love to continue taking the majority of my outfit photos outside, but I'm excited to have found a spot that works for indoor shots in terms of lighting.  Fortunately, we will not always have large pieces of wood in front of the wall, but for now I'll have to make do with the backdrop of furniture the bf is trying to sell since we downsized from two 1 bedroom apartments to one 1 bedroom apartment.

So, while I'm not afraid to wear things are less conventional and I'd like to think I'm capable of thinking outside the box, I find myself trying to wear things that are figure flattering (even if I don't always succeed) and I tend to shy away from things like pencils skirts or dolman tops.  Even so, sometimes I'll wear something outside of my personal comfort zone and receive a lot of really positive feedback.  

How about you guys-are you willing to risk your appearance for the sake of wearing things that you really like?  Have you been surprised by how much you like something (or the feedback you received) even though you don't think it fits into the set paradigm of things you expect to look good on you?  How important is comfort (both mental and physical) to your outfit choices?

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