I can't claim the term grellow, but I'm willing to proudly proclaim my love of the gray plus yellow combination and the term is ridiculously fun to say.  It's also pretty darn fun to wear.  It was pretty cold this morning, so I put on two jackets and two scarves along with my tights and boots.  Okay, so it was only in the 50s, but that's cold for this part of Texas!

Unfortunately for you, I loved wearing this, so even though the pictures didn't come out as well as I would have hoped, I still wanted to post the outfit.  After a busy day of running around,  I realized that if I ran up to the roof to take pictures, I wouldn't be able to make the next bus, but if I went home on that bus, there wouldn't have been enough light to take photos.  Well, I decided to brave it out and take photos somewhere within eyesight of the bus stop.  Clearly, there wasn't really enough light to take photos that weren't super blurry, and I managed to cut off some part of my body in most of them.  Tell you what- let's just call it an artistic experiment and pretend that I meant to do it this way.  Deal?  Deal!

I was only looking for a low traffic area with something to set my camera on that was also close enough to run to the bus, but this little previously unknown area is actually kinda lovely.  I don't really expect to see this kind of oasis in the midst of the densely packed tall buildings, but clearly I should be exploring my immediate areas more closely.  Unfortunately my skirt got heavily wrinkled by the end of the day, and I didn't pull it flat until later pictures (when the light got all funny), but yellow!  This golden shade delights me and was the perfect thing for a crisp fall day.
Outfit: Dress (under shirt): Anthropologie, Shirt: Ancient, Jacket: Urban Outfitters, Old Navy outlet, Scarves: Gift, H & M, Boots, Tights: Target


  1. Mmmmm.... Grellow. I think I say this about every post, but this is my favorite outfit ever. I love EVERYTHING about it - perfection!

    -Tights and boots... need I say more?
    -Yellow fever!
    -That scarf is fantastic! I want to go to there.
    -Fitted jackets and blazers - menswear inspired, but feminine cut. Impecable combination.
    -Navy blue! (My new favorite neutral... brown's a close second.)
    -Your accessories pull it all together! Love the pop of yellow in the hair.

    Girl, you look SO good! I really do need to go and raid your wardrobe.

  2. Putting this together was a total Sarah-inspired outfit, since I caught my love of yellow from you. As for the jacket? that you commented on it cracks me up a little- it's something I've worn a lot and loved a lot, but since the boyf made a non-positive comment on it, i've shied away from pulling it out- that said, it's lovely to have something somewhat fitted but large enough to fit another jacket underneath for warmth. You need to move into my closet so we can share stuff.