Day 17, I'm (kind of) a lumberjack, and I'm okay

Or at least I've got the occasional fondness for plaid flannel.  I haven't been intentionally planning out my outfits for the 30x30, but I have had these two items hanging up together in my closet for about a week now.  I didn't want to bring them on the trip because I felt that other items were more versatile, so I've been looking forward to this outfit and wore it on my first day back at school.  The bright colors, the cozy shirt, weather cold enough to wear boots (but not so cold I'm shivering)?  I'm certainly willing to feel a bit like a lumberjack for an outfit like this.

Naturally, I had to throw on my tree necklace to go with my matching axe (just kidding).  Actually, I had a friend tell me she thought it looked like a neuron, and I think I might like that interpretation of it even better, since I'm a huge neuro nerd.

Outfit: Jacket: Old Navy Outlet, Dress: Anthropologie, Shirt, Belt: Urban Outfitter, Boots, Leggings: Target, Necklace: Modcloth


  1. I don't think this is too lumberjack, it's totally cute! I love the blue and yellow combo.

  2. Great Skirt.... LOVE MUSTARD!
    Brilliant Shirt..... Who doesnt love BLUE!

    and of course - love the belt!! Another great outfit!

    Yours Truly

    read me:

  3. I didn't think lumberjack when I saw this outfit, but considering where I'm from, maybe I'm just inured to the lumberjack look. Anyway, your hair is adorable here, and I Love the belt with that shirt. The neuron/tree (Neuron Tree?) necklace is awesome as well. I actually thought capillary bed when I saw it, I admit...

  4. i don't think it looks like a lumberjack at all, and i'm loving the combo! very nice :)

  5. Thanks guys! Guess I need to find something more rugged than a full skirt to be lumberjack-like?

    Capillary bed? Fabulous- I think it's really neat how differently people are interpreting this necklace.