Day 12 of 30, End of the week relief

I'm pretty delighted to be done with this week- at the end of an already busy week I had a work presentation, after which the bf and I went out for dinner (sushi!), since we've both been through a few weeks of big things.  I'm not sure how much breathing space I really have, since I'll still be going into work this weekend, and will need to be productive in my time off instead of relaxing- I'm traveling over both holidays, and we'll be moving into a new place in between then.  All good things, but also things that require time and effort.  Fortunately, having a limited closet has (so far) made it easier to get ready in the morning, and I'm totally prepared for throwing on as many neutrals as I need until I'm no longer cold.  At first, I was hesitant to wear this skirt twice in one week, but there's a reason I included it in the picks, and it's a remix, so I'm totally fine rationalizing this.

 This is my serious face (which isn't very serious).

Aaaand this is my face after I realized that someone had just seen me frantically running across the parking lot to get over to the other side before my camera's timer went off.  I'm very impressed by the pictures style bloggers manage to take even when people are going past and potentially staring.

Outfit: Skirt: Loft, Top, Bag: Anthropologie, Boots: Steven by Steve Madden, Trench: New York & Company, Pins: H & M, Leggings, Socks: Target

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