You guys, have you seen this week's Bones?

Because it is awesome and it takes off on Jersey Shore.  And I love it.  Also awesome?  30 Rock- they referenced Wilco.  And that is my Friday night so far.

In about a week, a friend and I (and our bfs), are participating in a local bar's themed run.  It raises money for a charity called girls on the run, but more importantly, it's a green dress run, and it is mandatory for everyone to wear a green dress.  My friend and I decided to make green tulle and sequin tutus FTW.  There are two possible ways to make this demonstrated by the two pictures.  Either multiple layers of fluff or side by side pieces of fluff.  Either way, it should look ridiculously awesome, especially since there will be four of us in matching tutus.  And there will be matching sequined headbands and arm bands.

I'm mostly looking forward to it, but at this point
I haven't actually completed a run with two miles in a row which is the total distance for this run, and I've been slacking pretty badly this week on getting over to the gym.

Tomorrow morning, tomorrow I will be sure to make an appearance at the gym.  And complete two miles in a row!  In a row, I say!  And then at the end of the week I shall tie on my tutu with pride and resemble a bright green shiny cupcake.  It will be glorious.

On a less cupcakey note, although still apparel related, the below booties got the comment "looks like they came out of a fairytale" yesterday from one of my coworkers, which she assured me was a compliment and then told me she was jealous of my ability to find shoes that were cute and comfortable.

Rock on woodland creature booties, rock on.  You are excellent for biking, standing for multiple hours, and you could have been created by a friendly group of elves that live in a hollowed out tree.  Also, you look good with those tights that don't go with any of my flats.  Thank you.


  1. Those boots DO look comfortable! Also I totally believe they could have come from a hollowed-out tree...but that makes me think of Old Man Willow, who is scary..and that makes me think of hobbits, who don't wear shoes and have dirty feet...anyway, I think you should add mermaid paraphernalia to your awesome green tutus because they are the perfect shade for it and then they would not be just full of awesome, but overflowing with it!

  2. Also I have no idea what tulle is, but it sounds very fancy.

  3. Tulle is that annoying itchy meshy stuff that lined your prom dresses in high school. And what those tutus are made of in the pictures.