5/8 Party Emergency

OK guys, in December (the end of this semester) we're celebrating being done with the classroom portion of vet school and starting clinics. It's a semi-classy party, at the Marriott, so I need to look amazing (meaning, of course, that I need a fabulous dress/accessories/shoes). I have that magenta thingy, but I don't think it's quite appropriate for this type of party-what do you guys think? So far this and this are the only dresses I've found...I'm thinking either dark or deep jewel tone or black or gray...I'm not really sure but I'd like your opinions!


  1. I looove you in jewel tones, so I'd vote for the first one as opposed to the second- just make sure you can return it since it's an online buy and you won't be able to try it on first! I will keep my eye out for other foxy dresses :)

  2. (Starts a chant): "Jewel tones! Jewel tones! Jewel tones!"

    They look really great on you.